Updated Mazuri Polar Bear and Bear Diet

December 16, 2016
Nutritionists at Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition have revised the Polar Bear Diet and the Bear Diet. These products have been completely revised and were fed too polar, brown, and black bears at zoos and a university over the past two years for testing.
Changes in Product Ordering Details:
Old Name Old Number New Name New Number
Polar Bear Diet Bear Diet 5590 - 0001417
5ZH6 - 0064966
Wild Carnivore Bear - Marine Based Diet Wild Carnivore Bear - Maintenance Diet 5M5N - 3003968-705
5M4R - 3003940-705
New diets are available in January and old diets will continue to be available until the end of March 2017.

Feeding Directions Have Changed:

Wild Carnivore® Bear - Marine Based Diet: Ideal for polar bears because of the high inclusion of fish meal, fish oil and a reduction in plant and starch content. This diet may also be used with brown or black bears as either their main dietary source or as a seasonal basis with the new maintenance diet.
Wild Carnivore® Bear - Maintenance Diet: Ideal for bear species including brown and black bears as their base diet or as a seasonal diet. When used as a seasonal diet with the new higher calorie marine based diet (5M5N) rotate the two products ideally by feeding the maintenance diet during winter and spring followed by the marine based diet in summer and fall as the bears prepare for winter.

Major Changes to the Formulas Include: 

  • Increased levels of protein
  • High levels of fat
  • Different Energy Content (Marine Based diet is higher in energy)
  • Reduction in Plant Matter in Polar Bear Diet
  • Reduction in starch content
  • No wheat, soy, or corn
  • Contains probiotics
  • Contains chelated minerals for better absorption
  • Contains natural vitamin E
  • Contains beta carotene

The Mazuri Team
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