Apply Now: Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition Research Grant

Calling all Principal Investigators, Co-investigators and Collaborators in Exotic Animal Nutrition!

Applications for annual research grants due June 15, 2020.

PMI Nutrition’s Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition is proud to support research in the field of exotic animal nutrition. Grant proposals may be submitted for up to $10,000. One or more grants may be awarded to one recipient, but the combined total will not exceed $10,000 (to be determined by the awards committee) to any recipient. Only direct research expenses (as determined by Mazuri®) will be supported by this Research Grant. Funding will be considered for basic or applied research projects in the area of non-domestic animal nutrition.

Research proposals will be evaluated by a panel of three committee members, comprised of at least one representative from academia and one representative from the zoo community. Grants will be ranked and awarded based on the Required Items (see below; 25% of the total ranking); the quality of the proposed research (40% of total ranking), importance of the research (20% of total ranking) and likelihood that the research will be accomplished and disseminated (15% of total ranking). Committee members and their institutions are not eligible for grant funding during the funding year. A list of grant awardees will be provided to any entrant upon written request.

To apply for Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition Research Grant consideration, provide a short proposal (no more than 5 pages, not including references) including all information described below. Only completed proposals will be evaluated.

Required Items:

  • Title
  • Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators and Collaborators: Please describe the responsibilities of each investigator towards the proposed research.
  • General abstract: A brief (250 words or less) overview of the project, its relevance, and future applications written to a lay audience.
  • Purpose Statement & Background information: Detailed overview of proposal, relevance to exotic animal nutrition, and necessary background information.
  • Materials and Methods: Hypothesis, experimental design, method of analysis, expected results and potential pitfalls should all be addressed.
  • Timeline of activities: Please provide a timeline for major activities, including dissemination.
  • Dissemination: Please provide methods and timeline for dissemination.
  • Budget and Justification: Provide rationale for each budgetary item. Provide information regarding additional support if the proposal is also supported by other funding sources.

For the project(s) awarded, all photos and summary of the projects may be used by PMI Nutrition International, LLC as provided in a signed Release, a copy of which will be provided upon notification of award.

Revised deadline: Proposals must be received by June 15, 2020. Submit proposals by email to:

Grants Awards will be announced to the winning proposals no later than October 1, 2020.