Mazuri Product Warranty Statement

The stability of nutrients in Mazuri® products is dependent on proper storage conditions. We recommend storing product in a cool, dry place at 75°F or cooler, and less than 55% relative humidity. Storage at higher temperatures and humidity levels will reduce nutrient concentrations and will affect our product warranty.

Mazuri® product warranty recommendations include diets containing vitamin C (e.g., primate, guinea pig, fish diets), since we use a stabilized form of this vitamin that is stable for over 1 year at appropriate storage conditions.

Textured feeds containing external beet pulp shreds and other feed ingredients may change in appearance over time, although nutrient values will be maintained.  

Product Type Warranty Location of
Manufacture Date
Lot Code Example Manufacturing Date
Mazuri Bagged Products

365 days from date
of manufacture

Printed on ends or
seams of bag
Nov 04, 2014; 2nd shift 
April 15, 2016; 1st shift
Shows "Best By JUN2017"
Mazuri Gel, Meal, and Tablet products 365 days from date
of manufacture
Printed on label 15NOV21RTD1 November 21, 2015; 1st shift
Mazuri Small Pack Bags "Best if used by" date Printed or stickered on
bag back
<-- Two years prior

<--One year prior
Updated 8/17/17